We help in transforming your business with information technology.

We deliver customized IT solutions to scale your business to new heights. We handle delivery with efficient and quality solutions .

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About Us

We are committed to delivering quality software solutions.

We are team of passion driven and tech enthusiastic souls , we are problem driven and the best way is to solve them. We focus on revolutionizing business with information technology.

Our mission

We help build your ideas. Our aim is to provide business solutions that reach out and help every sector of our community. Success to our hard work are through heart melting appreciation of people, that we made a part in their life. This motivates us to work better in attracting trust and delivering quality service

Who we are
  • We are called by different names but united by one name - Adihpthamites
  • We began our journey with an idea that merged us together, in delivering the idea as service for the people.
  • We want to bridge technology accessible to people. Like said to achieve goal, we need to take the first step to begin our endeavour that lead to path of success.
  • Our objective is to work for people and make world a better place,with our efforts and ideas.

We try to meet beyond expectations of our clients

We want to be a part of your effort and we care about your time and value your business . Thus, we take up your responsibility and be dedicated in delivering end to end business solutions with information technology.

Web Development

We help in creating digital footprint of your business with website. Also we automate your business model with web application to increase your business performance.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application It's easy to reach your business to customers with one stop mobile solutions with us. We develop both Android and iOS mobile application which serve the need of your business.

Application Software

We deliver customized business tools and application software based on your requirements. With these tools ,elevate your business to be productive and time efficient.


How It Works

We develop solutions that impact your business in realtime. So we care in developing your solutions which is robust and highly scalable without any compromise on your requirements.
We are agile in giving your solutions at regular intervals to achieve your trust with constant feedback.



we completely understand your business requirement. Discuss out all possible solution methodologies and choose efficient working model for your business.



with working model we design prototype with detailed work flow according to the requirement. With the approve of our prototype with feedback , we stage project to development.



we Deliver the exact project that is approved by our client. With successful working model that matches client expectations to up and running.


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